Thursday, December 6, 2012

O Christmas Tree

We decided to take advantage of the AK wilderness this Christmas season by going out into the woods to cut down our Christmas tree. Sounds like fun, right? Well... we did have fun, but it was a l-o-n-g day! And Boo spent 95% of our time in the woods crying. I'm still not sure why. He really cries a lot and I'm kind of having a hard time with that right now. Anyway, we made it to one of the designated tree cutting areas on post to find, well, not much in the way of Christmas trees. The underbrush was grown up and it was quite difficult to traverse the area with Boo and Bit being shorter than the brush. And, most frustrating was the lack of trees.  We were hard pressed to find a suitable or near suitable tree. Thankfully, B-man forged ahead in different directions scouting out possibilities for us. It was pretty cold too, so we weren't going to doddle too long making a decision. And he finally came across a few possibilities. Hooray! So, we picked one and he cut it down for us and he dragged it back to the truck. We got it home and up in the stand. The trunk is so skinny that the eye screws almost didn't hold it in place.
It stood there for several days. I finally trimmed some of the more wild branches to give it a Christmas tree shape. But, I didn't want to trim too many, or we wouldn't have anywhere to hang the ornaments!

So, here she is...

Decorating the tree. Boo is wearing camo jammers.
Do you see him?

Ta-dah! Here she is in all of her glory.
She is perfect! I love her and we will remember her always!
And although Boo seemed totally miserable out there, he tells about it like he had a wonderful time! Go figure.

Last night we braved the bone chilling temps to attend the Christmas Tree Lighting on post.
It was C-O-L-D! We experienced temps colder than I have ever felt before. Ever.
The temp was -10 but the wind chill was -23!!!
Our nose hairs were freezing in our nose!

There was a SURPRISE visitor from the North Pole!
Boo was beyond excited to see Santa and really, really, really wanted to sit in his lap.
So, we waited. :)
Look at how happy he is! For a little guy who had been under the weather earlier this week, he was finally smiling again.

Bit was mostly interested in the candy canes they were supplying.

 Santa even brought his reindeer with him!!
I've never seen his reindeer before!
This is DASHER. They really are so cute. Short little deer with those big antlers.

Boo really loved it, so I had to put in all the pics of him smiling.

 After we walked through the door back home, Maggie lay on the floor and said, "I can't get up!"
All that gear! It was worth it though.

Boo is getting to the age where he might remember this for the rest of his life. I hope he does remember meeting Santa's reindeer! So magical.

We're doing special things to demonstrate the true reason for Christmas as well, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I will be posting about them soon.


Anonymous said...

What a fun night! I love the pictures! So glad you braved the cold to see the tree lighting and Santa.
Love, BeBe

Elso said...

Brrrr! That is cold! Love all the pics of your sweet babes. I wish we had reindeer at our post tree lighting.